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Shri Nitish Kumar

Hon'ble Chief Minister

“Bihar’s industry is growing, Bihar’s economy is growing. In the past few years , the industry has grown manifold. My message to all the potential investors is to come and witness our development story. I welcome you all to be a part of our development and grow with the growth of Bihar.”

The Government of Bihar is committed to establish an environment conducive to entrepreneurship, to attract investment and create substantial job opportunities

Bihar is one of the fastest growing states in India. During the period 2005-06 to 2014-15. The GSDP of Bihar at constant prices grew annually at 10.5 percent , which is one of the highest among all major Indian states. The scale and pace of economic change over the past few years has been the result of a comprehensive, home-grown reform programs. These reforms ranged from changes in managing public finance and reforming government expenditure, public investments in building infrastructure and most importantly revamping the Law and order machinery. In particular, the state government has taken a series of measures to improve the investment climate of the state and envisages achieving the industrial development growth rate of 15% per annum. To achieve the desire growth rate, the state government has formulated the Bihar Industrial Investment Promotion Policy, 2016. The main strategies adopted in this policy is to focus on the development of support infrastructure, prioritizing core sectors with emphasis on advance technology, skill development, a modified structured package of assistance and promotion of balanced regional development. The policy also focuses on uplifting the social marginalised groups and women entrepreneurs by offering specialized packages of assistance to them. The policy also has well-defined provisions for effective implementation, monitoring and grievance redressal. Thus, the Bihar Industrial Investment Promotion policy, 2016 has an integrated approach toward industrial development in the state.

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