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Minimum Wages


The 26th February 2019

S.O. 39 Dated 27th February 2019— In exercise of the powers conferred by section -3 of the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 (XI of 1948), read with the clause (B) of sub-section(1) of Section-5 of the said act, the Governor of Bihar is pleased to introduce the formula for Variable Dearness Allowance in the minimum rates of wages fixed/ revised for the different categories of employees employed in the scheduled employments mentioned in column-02 of schedule 1(B) here to appended for the months shown in column-1 of the said schedule shall be shown in column-04 of the schedule 1(A) for the purpose of clause (d) of section -02 of the said Act.

Schedule-1 (A)

Month & Year Index No. Base Year( 2001-100) Link Factor Change for base year Changed Index No. for base year( 1960-100)
1 2 3 4
July, 2018 301 4.63 X 4.93 6870.59
August, 2018 301 4.63 X 4.93 6870.59
September, 2018 301 4.63 X 4.93 6870.59
October, 2018 302 4.63 X 4.93 6893.42
November, 2018 302 4.63 X 4.93 6893.42
December, 2018 301 4.63 X 4.93 6870.59
Total 41269.20
Average:- 41269.20/6 = 6878.20


Name of employment Total
69 Employment - General Work Notification No- 6769, 6770
Dated 26.09.2018
Gazette No.- 888
Dated 28.09.2018
69 Scheduled Employment

(1) Co-operative Sector (2) Aluminum Industry (3) Khansari industry (4) Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry (5) Soap Making Industry (6) Cement Pre - stressed product Industry (7) Asbestos Cement Industry (8) Glass Sheet Industry (9) Gun factories (10) Religious & Social Institution (11) Paper Industry (12) Laundries & washing (13) Hosieries Manufactory (14) Manufacture of Sindur & Rang (15) Manufacture of Leather goods (16) Wood works & furniture (17) Ice Cream and Cold Drinks (18) Petrol and Diesel Pump (19) Fisheries (20) Khadi and Village Industries (21) Private Ferries & LTC (22) Book binding Industry (23) Manufacturing of Dafti, Card Board, Mill Board, Corrugated Board, Straw Board or Gatta Paper Board. (24) Electronics Industry (25) Cement Hume pipe, Electric pole and Railway Sleeper manufactures Industry (26) Plywood Industries (27) Electric and other type of Bulbs and Florence tubes
(28) Foundry Industries (29) Rubber and Rubber Compound Industry (30) Biscuit Industry (31) Coal Briquette Industry (32) Tailoring Industry (33) Handloom Industry (34) Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Clinics (35) Distilleries (36) Plastic Industries (37) Mineral Grinding Industry (38) Glass Industries (excluding glass sheet) (39) Dairies and Poultry Farms (40) Manufacture of Gold, Silver Ornaments & Articles of artistic design. (41) Tanneries Leather Technology (42) Rice Mills, Flour Mills & Dal Mills
(43) Oil Mills (44) Printing Press (45) Any Shops or Establishment (46) Public Motor Transport (47) Any Woolen Carpet Making or Shawl weaving establishments (48) Cold Storage (49) Minor Engineering Industry (Excluding automobile engineering shops less than 50 workers.) (50) Dam Construction & Irrigation (51) Construction or Maintenance of Road or in Building Construction (52) Bakeries and Confectioneries (53) Shops selling cooked food stuff (54) Hotels Eating Houses and Restaurants (55) Mica works (Factory & Establishments) (excluding Mines) (56) Cinema industry (57) Any University, Educational, Research or Cultural Institutions. (58) Private Security Agency (59) Refectories Fire Bricks & Ceramic Industry (60) Potteries (61) Automobile Engineering Shops (62) Hard Coke Industry (63) Currier Services (64) Frittered Rice (65) Electrocasting and Metal Furnishing (66) Engineering Industries (Employment more than 50 workers) (67) Rolling of Iron Rod, Plates, Angles etc. works (68) Jute Industry & ancillary works (69) Information Technology


Sl.No Categories of Workers From Dated. 01.12.2016+01.04.2017+01.10.2017+01.04.2018+01.10.2018 Minimum Wage Fixed (In. Rs.) Amount of V.D.A. which is effective from the date 01.04.2019 Total rates of wages effective from the date 01.04.2019 (Column 3+4)
1 2 3 4 5
1. Unskilled 237.00+5.00+5.00+7.00+3.00=257.00 11.00 268.00 Per day
2. Semi skilled 247.00+5.00+5.00+8.00+3.00=268.00 11.00 279.00 Per day
3. Skilled 301.00+6.00+6.00+9.00+3.00=325.00 15.00 340.00 Per day
4. Highly Skilled 367.00+7.00+7.00+11.00+4.00=396.00 19.00 415.00 Per day
5. Supervisory/ Clerical 6799.00+136.00+139.00+212.00+73.00=7359.00 324.00 7683.00 Per month

These rates of Variable Dearness Allowance will be based on the average of All India Consumer Price Index on which the minimum rates of wages has been fixed/revised in the above scheduled employments. There will be increase or decrease in rates of wages shown in column -4 with rise or fall as the case may be in aforesaid index of the above scheduled employments and will be deemed as Variable Dearness Allowance components . But even if the Index fall below the point on which minimum rates of wages have been fixed/ revised, there will not be any reduction in the minimum wages fixed/revised. The payment of variable Dearness Allowance on the basis of average index of July-December,2018 will be payable at the aforesaid rates from 01st April, 2019 and thereafter increase or decrease in the amount of Variable Dearness Allowance will be based on the average of All India Consumer Price Index number for every six months and will be applicable after the expiry of three months after said period of six months.

Explanation - For the purpose of this notification

  • The State Government prescribed the following base for upgradation of workers in next category-
    • If a worker of any (Unskilled and Semi-Skilled) has attain a working experience of five (5) or more than five (5) year in that particular category then he will be upgraded to the next immediate category and will be paid minimum wage of that upgraded category. For example, if a worker is working as unskilled worker for five (5) or more year then he/she will be entitled for the minimum wage of semi- skilled worker. Similarly semiskilled worker will be entitled for minimum wage of skilled worker after working for five (5) or more than five (5) year as semi-skilled worker.However, for upgradation above skilled category, certification is necessary.
    • If a worker has attain any skill training allied through National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) and on his/her certificate, the level which he/she attain is mentioned, then following will be the categorization of levels which he/she is entitled-
      The worker holding the certificate of qualification level 1 will be considered as unskilled.
      The worker holding the certificate of qualification level 2 and level 3 will be considered as semi-skilled.
      The worker holding the certificate of qualification level 4 and 5 will be considered as skilled.
      The worker holding the certificate of qualification level 6 and 7 will be considered as highly skilled.
      The worker holding the certificate of qualification level 8, 9 and 10 will be considered as Supervisory or Clerical.
      If a worker has attain any category as per the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) levels and he/she has work experience of five or more than five years on that particular category then he/she will be upgraded to the next category. For example, if worker is semi-skilled as per level 2 or level 3 and he/she has attain work experience of five or more than five years as semi-skilled then he she will be consider as skilled worker and will be paid minimum wage of skilled worker.
    • If a worker has attain any training as per the provision of Central/State Act or Rule, then he/she will be entitled for the minimum wages of semi-skilled or skilled category and will be as per the merit which he/she holds after training.
  • The State Government Categorizes the different type of worker as per the following. The categorization is only for example and can be increase or decrease as per the nature of work-


Bajri (Stone Chips) Spreader, Beldar, Bucket Man, Carrier (stone), Carrier (water), Cart man, Caretaker (bridge), Cleaner, Chokidar, Concrete (hand mixer), Daffadar, Driver (Bullock, Camel, Donkey, Mule), labourer (garden), Mazdoor, Hole cutter, Petrol man, Searcher, Sweeper, Watchman, Grass cutter or any other worker by whatever name so called and the execution of work requires no or some skill or experience.

Semi Skilled

Bhisti (with Mushk), Boatman (Head), Breaker (stone, rock, rock stone, stone, metal), Cane weaver, Charpoy-Stringer, Security Guard (with out arms), Daftri, Fireman, Fireman (brick kiln, steam road roller), Gatekeeper, Helper (artisan), Helper (Sawyer), Labourer (Rock- cutting), Fitter Gang, Khalasi, Turner, Labourer (heavy weight), Night Guard, Assistant Tea Maker, Service man, Waiter, Bhandarwala, Fitter (Assistant Semi-skilled), Jamadar (Semi-Skilled), Pump attendant, Dandi Frash, Helper (loco, crane/truck), Boat man, Masalchi, Topkar (big stone breaker) or any other worker by whatever name so called and the execution of work require some skill or capacity, acquired either through experience or some training and which is done under the supervision of skilled worker.


Mistry, Blacksmith, Boiler man, Brick layer, Blaster, Carpenter, Security guard (with arms), Carpenter (ordinary), Concrete mixure mixer, Cobbler, Driver, Driver Motor Vehicle, Driver (engine static, stone crusher, bulldozer, road roller and crane), Driver (loco/truck), Mason, Stone tile flooring mistry, Moulder (brick, tile), Painter, Plumber, Plumber-cum-Fitter, Polisher, Polisher (floor), Pump driver, Assistant (air-conditioning), Stonecutter, Tailor, Tailor (upholstery), Copper Smith, Sofa maker, Colour Washing man, Chef (head), Confectioner, Electrician, Mechanic (head), Mistry (tube-well, telephone), Meter reader, Weather observer, Cook, Artisan, Assistant Confectioner, Roti maker, Ice cream maker, Dosa master, Chief waiter, Chief Baira or any other worker whatever name so called and the execution of work requires skill, acquired by means of experience or by training in any vocational institute and also requires pro- activeness and patience for disposal of work.

Highly Skilled

Cable joiner, Mechanic (air-conditioner), Overseer, Road Inspector, Sub Overseer (Qualified) Welder and fitter, Wireman, Colour Artist, Head Khansama, Head Cook, Head Maharaj, Head Artisan or any other worker by whatever name so called, which perform work of highly skilled nature and require intensive vocational or technical training, or long practical work experience apart from patience, decision making and responsible action.


Clerk, Munshi (Matriculate), Store clerk (Matriculate), Store Keeper (Matriculate), Time Keeper, Book Keeper, Work Munshi (Subordinate) Account Clerk, Telephone Operator, Computer Operator, Booking clerk, Typist or any other worker by whatever name so called and the execution of work are of clerical or supervisory nature.The above mentioned rates will be applicable from 01 April, 2019.

(No- 5/M.W- 403/09 L&R- 996)
By the order of the
Governor of Bihar, MOHAN RAJAK,
Under Secretary.
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