State Investment Promotion Board (SIPB)

Constitution Of State Investment Promotion Board

In Order To Provide For Facilitating The Promotion And Development Of Investment In State Of Bihar, State Investment Promotion Board Is Constituted Under The Chairmanship Of Development Commissioner, Government Of Bihar As Under:



Development Commissioner

Member Secretary

Shree Pankaj Dixit

Director Of Industries


Dr. S. Siddharth (IAS)

Principal Secretary, Finance Department

Dr. Deepak Kumar Singh (IAS)

Principal Secretary, Environment, Forest & Climate Change Department

Shree Vivek Kumar Singh (IAS)

Principal Secretary, Department of Revenue and Land Reforms

Shree Anand Kishor (IAS)

Principal Secretary Urban Development & Housing Department

Sandeep Kumar R. Pudakalkatti (IAS)

Managing Director, Bihar State Power Holding Company Ltd.

Shree Vandana Kini (IAS)

Additional Chief Secretary, abour Resource Department

Dr Pratima (IAS)

(Commissioner Cum Secretary), Commercial Tax Department


Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Industries

Scope of Work

  • All proposals placed before it by the Secretariat of the State Board shall be approved or appropriate decision shall be taken on the proposal
  • The State Board shall meet at least once a month.
  • It shall guide and advise the Department on Bihar State Industrial Investment Policy.
  • State Board in each meeting shall also review the progress in the working of the Secretariat of the State Investment Promotion Board and shall give appropriate instructions to ensure speedy processing of investment proposals.
  • The state board shall recommend action against the competent authority if the competent authority has not carried the prescribed responsibility under this act.

Role of the Committee

  • Receive, process and make available all required clearance to all new investment proposals including modernization, upgradation and expansion of existing industrial units.
  • Plan, design and implement campaigns to promote Bihar as investment destination within and outside the country.
  • Arrange to receive and process Common Application Forms and ensure that all clearances are given within the time limits to be prescribed under rules.
  • Collect prescribed fees and deposits on behalf of the competent authority for grant of clearance and transfer the fees and deposits to the respective accounts.
  • Convey such clearances to the applicant and where there are deficiencies in the application, convey such deficiencies to the applicant and get these rectified.
  • Collate and furnish statistical information on investment by sectors, product and scale, collect all relevant statistical information and provide to Union and state authorities as and when required.
  • Prepare sector and product wise information for prospective investors and disseminate through web sites, print and visual media and other means as may be directed by the Department.